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What can it do?

Chance Tracker is a suite of software tools to log and track K9 deployments. Designed with the help of several K9 Officers from different agencies

  • Record and playback tracks
  • Attach notes and items to a track
  • Realtime tracking of devices for handlers to coordinate in large enviroments
  • User and Group statistics
  • Easily export tracks as GPX or create PDF reports
  • Offline first design. Never worry about connection
"But I already use [X] software, how is this different?"

"But I already use [X] software, how is this different?"

We want to strongly emphasize that Chance Tracker does not compete with other products, but compliment them. However, we understand budgets are a thing

  • Free to use. Only activate subscriptions on users that need mobile access. Pay only for your handlers, while everyone else in your agency benefits for free
  • Free to try. With a 30 day trial you can take a care free test ride. Personal emails welcome!
  • Designed for the average user, not the average data scientist. Chance Tracker Doesn't make you jump through hoops just to find a report
  • Feedback driven! No seriously! Unlike many other products, Chance Tracker is owned and developed by Software Engineers here in the US (Virginia). We can implement feedback without waiting for contractors
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